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urbandwellers™ is a company born out of a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle we share with others who, like ourselves, are consumers of the metropolitan existence, of converted lofts and penthouse living. The city is where we lay our heads at night and the place our hearts call home. We draw energy and inspiration from its concrete, brick, steel and glass. Without the city, urbandwellers simply wouldn’t exist. Welcome to urbandwellers.

casegoods + home furnishings

hōm™ collection

The chaotic energy of lives bumping together, limitless potential packed into limited spaces. It’s not so much an influence as an expression of lifestyle, with urbandwellers’ line of casegoods and home furnishings.


flō™ collection

drip turns to trickle turns to stream turns to flood, unless bent to human will and harnessed — to deliver the perfectly engineered kinetic tranquility, of urbandwellers’ line of water features.

lighting + fireplaces

shīn™ collection

the flicker of candlelight paying homage to the fires from which metal is forged. As shadow chases light, steel plays with stone, in urbandwellers’ line of lightscapes and electric fireplaces.

case study: Lifestyle Zones for The Loft Space
Read how urbandwellers converted this residence in the downtown West End Lofts into an early nester's sanctuary
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