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we are urbandwellers...

and the city is our muse. it is our workplace, our playground, our refuge and our home. we take solace in its towers of concrete, glass and steel structures that ultimately serve as the galleries where our creations live. we are artist at heart and perfectionist by nature, striving to capture that undefinable essence of cityness in every product we create. we fret over every little design detail then endlessly toil to deliver the pride in craftsmanship once found in our factories which are now our homes.

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urbandwellers is a company born out of a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle we share with others who, like ourselves, are consumers of the metropolitan existence of converted lofts and penthouse living. The city is where we lay our heads at night and the place our hearts call home. We draw energy and inspiration from its concrete, brick, steel and glass. Without the city, urbandwellers simply wouldn’t exist.

The first urbandwellers products were designed for our own personal spaces. Some came about from a necessity to maximize space without compromising style; others were simply inspired by the daily sights and sounds that surround us. With professional backgrounds in both design and industrial engineering, urbandwellers delivers an exclusive line of home furnishings crafted from the urban perspective.

Just as the nature of urban living stems from reclaiming and repurposing existing spaces, urbandwellers is committed to embracing this philosophy in all our collections. It is apparent in our liberal use of reclaimed and renewable resource materials. It is exhibited in accessories created with materials made using waste scraps from other manufacturing processes. It also manifests itself in the simplicity of our designs, which through careful engineering, allows us to create stunning pieces while maximizing material use and minimizing waste.

To urbandwellers, it is simply part of who we are.

urbandwellers co-founders Bruce Littlehorn and Larry Beard, Jr. opened their flagship showroom in their Downtown Denver loft located in the UNO (Union Station North) district, to feature their unique and personalizable system of lifestyle home furnishings and accessories. The less than 1,000 sq. ft. showroom, located in the historic Water Tower Lofts, is designed to showcase the lifestyle products functioning in their natural environment—a small, urban living space.

urbandwellers™ was established in 2009, with a vision very different from its competitors—to design and engineer smart, engaging, and high-quality lifestyle products that meet the individual needs of city dwellers, and not the criterion for mass production.

Three main collections — hōm™, flō™, and shīn™ (pronounced home, flow and shine) features a system of products that solve challenges in the urban environment, such as functionality, limited space, noise, storage and privacy. As functional art, these pieces, which range from chic urban-centric wall systems to modern self-contained water features — balance aesthetic beauty with practical luxury lifestyle applications.

stōr™ (pronounced store), a product line in the hōm™ collection, is a system of personalizable modules that reinvent the flow and functionality of an urban space. Modules include a vertical

stacking system for your TV, fireplace, and storage, or a horizontal system that includes a streamlined office station, bookcase, pantry, armoire, hideaway bed, bar, gym, and seating area. A concealed litter box module caters to the urban pet owner, featuring a sanitary, hands-free sift and lift cleaning process. Perhaps you’re looking for a space-saving lifestyle focused solution that presents as an architectural element in your living space? Check out urbandwellers in a BÄKS™ series. This new and innovative system is designed with a variety of customizable vertical modular options. Either to hide or showcase all your TV accessories, warm yourself by an electric fireplace, to charging your peripherals.

Like modern-day Robinson Crusoes, Littlehorn and Beard use the natural materials and resources around them to adapt to their environment, minimizing waste through careful engineering. They take inspiration from the glass often found in the urban setting.

Each piece is approached with attention and intention, with materials determined by the integrity of the product and not the profit margin.

“We use a ‘requirements-based’ design process for every product we create,” says Littlehorn. “We evaluate the purpose, aesthetics, functionality, and areas of improvement for each piece, and use those requirements as a foundation for our design.”

As urban dwellers themselves, Littlehorn and Beard are acutely aware of the unique needs that stem from living in an urban space; they also understand that everyone interacts with their space differently. Using their professional backgrounds in design, industrial engineering and manufacturing, they continue to evaluate, understand, create and change products that will best support the urban lifestyle.


Bruce grew up in a family who loves everything mechanical — the creation of a fully functioning roller-coaster in his own backyard was an every day kind of event for a boy growing up in the Littlehorn household.

LARRY BEARD JR — partner

Larry has been figuring out ways for you to have a deeper connection to how you live in your space since he was a kid. Encouraged by his parents to redesign entire parts of his childhood home, he found a fertile design playground in small spaces.


urbandwellers invites interior designers, retailers, stagers, builders, developers, environmental designers, and architects to join the urbandwellers Design Trade or Dealer Program to get exclusive benefits reserved for contract and trade industry professionals.

Whether designing for a family residence or a commercial space, you will have preferred access to a broad range of aesthetics and styles represented by our various collections of water features, wall systems, storage systems, lightscapes and home accessories. urbandwellers is the perfect place to find those truly unique pieces that will grab attention regardless of your clients’ individual lifestyle, tastes and budgets. As a qualified business account member, you will be able to access special trade pricing and services on our website, as well as through our dedicated trade representatives. All registered members also receive upcoming product previews, invitations to exclusive showroom events and special trade promotions.


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Our advisory board is a group of experienced business leaders and industry experts who share our passion for the urban lifestyle by bringing a fresh perspective to the opportunities our company and our clients have before us.

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