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Case Study – Creating Lifestyle Zones for The Modern Loft Space

Case Study – Creating Lifestyle Zones for The Modern Loft Space

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Personalize Something From Nothing

Unite your loft with Lifestyle Zones — a hundred ways to access the thousand ways we access our lives.

“urbandwellers designed the perfect concealed solution for our requirements — which hides it all, so I don’t have to see it, and like everything, it’s now all in its place.”

Did you give up your world of walls and the luxury of rooms when you bought your loft? Rooms are born from walls—walls create the magic of a kitchen area, an office area or a gym workout space. But a loft is less about walls and more about the magic of an open space that meets with the everyday way you live your life.

Without as many walls, you have to create zones where you live your life. A loft is a chance to access your life in a 1,000 ways with fewer walls and more zones—using lifestyle zones to guide and nurture ways for you to thrive in your environment.

Your dining area, bar, work space, television room, and even gym —needs to flow fluidly, without feeling chopped up, and without clunky mis-matched storage solutions.

The challenge...

Space — getting enough of it that allows you to thrive in a small living space is a real challenge for buyers who once lived in a house. It was a concern for early nesters, Roger and Ann Figura, who downsized from their single family home and into the West End Lofts, in Downtown Denver in 2012.

What excited them about a loft is also what became their challenge. Wide open space is exciting. Rooms without walls? Fun. What’s the risk? Clunky clutter, and areas without flow, rooms that feel broken up without smooth transitions, and stuff — our friend and foe — stuff, everywhere it shouldn’t be.


Loft owners, who have downsized from 5,000 square feet to 2,000 square feet still want the flow and luxury of a 5,000 square foot space. The challenge is finding a solution that allows you to utilize the space cohesively, fluidly, and as an integrated whole. Roger and Ann had been aggressively shopping locally for a personalizable solution that would meet their new challenging requirements, as a result of moving into their downtown Denver loft. Ann saw a featured article in the Denver Post about urbandwellers™ and its two owners, Bruce and Larry, who were invited into Ann and Roger’s home for a conversation about requirements which would allow them to thrive in their new loft.

What Ann and Roger didn’t expect was an engaging, user-friendly, and personalizable solution, that would help them complete what the loft’s architects had left open as a world of possibility for its future tenants.

urbandwellers’ solution created individual lifestyle zones for the loft's space

Lifestyle zones are best defined as the most active part of a room without the walls of a room that flow into other parts of the living area, fluidly. This requires thought, a deep anthropological understanding of the urban lifestyle, and some great requirements-based storage solutions that are personlizable to create custom zones, and allow the tenant to thrive in in their small living space.

“urbandwellers designed the perfect concealed solution for our requirements — which hides it all, so I don’t have to see it, and like everything, it’s now all in its place.”

Storage is a "part" of everything — functionality is everything

Ann and Roger’s requirements were to create a backdrop that would support all of the stuff, napkins, silverware, dishes, and day-to-day functionality for family-style living in a small living space. Additional requirements included: ensuring the look and feel of the modular system is consistent with the existing loft-wide renovation, which consisted of a full kitchen remodel and matching the cherry wood finish and other architectural elements; and applying the appropriate spacial context to the room that allows the room to function as multiple functioning zones.

Our solution...

An illuminated full Dry Bar serves as a focal point for the large open room and designed to store a double-tap keg dispenser, a 24″ refrigerator for overflow and bar condiments, and ample storage for liquor, glasses, and lots of accessories — and hides it all, “so I don’t have to see it, and like everything, it’s now all in its place.” Overhead recessed lighting that can be controlled from inside the bar adds the final luxurious touch to the customer experience.

  • 4 large overhead cabinets for liquor and storage
  • 24″ Marvel dual-tap keg dispenser
  • 24″ Marvel refrigerator with Drawer Storage
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • 4 standard size drawers for napkins, placemats, table cloths, etc.
  • Overhead recessed lighting

A personalized buffet module that consists of a custom cherry and concrete shelf that extends the whole dining area which makes it feel like a grand dining zone. It’s unusually long to accommodate a leaning slant of the wall, which then tapered to the right point in the room — matching the subtle curve of their custom dining table. Custom sandblasted stainless steel wall brackets which support the extra long shelf were designed and fabricated to compliment and soften the hard lines of the wall system, yet adding contrast to the cherry wood and off-white polished concrete. Subtly reducing the size of the brackets from right to left gives this luxurious wall system a clean tapered look as it meets the adjoining wall, and creates a bold visual statement as a backdrop to the dining area zone. We had to mount this cantilevered serving shelf into their existing metal stud wall with integrity and this could easily be done incorrectly. “That was very clever, and gave us the space we wanted,” explained Ann.

  • Oversize buffet and serving area for all dining and entertaining activities
  • GFRC polished concrete countertops
  • Custom sandblasted stainless steel wall brackets
  • CNC precision fabrication to ensure concrete mold was consistent with millwork
  • Tapered buffet module that matches the same curvature of customer’s custom dining table

Additional storage hid the office printer, trash receptacle, computer and cords, and everything else that would detract from a spontaneous social setting, once the clock struck 5.

  • Matching GFRC polished concrete work surface
  • 2 desk accessories drawers
  • 1 lateral file drawer
  • 1 printer drawer with full printer access
  • Coordinating sandblasted stainless steel wall bracket
  • Customized Blum™ tandembox metal drawer with coordinating cherry wood

“Our new personalized wall system is so neat and tidy. The wine refrigerator and Kegerator are hidden. I don’t have to look at anything, and yet I know where it all is. And there is a demarcation for each room.”

There's a place for "everything"

When visitors of Ann and Roger arrive, they step up to the bar and casually make their way to a dining and kitchen area. Visitors never feel as if they are intruding in a space where they’re not supposed to be or feels awkward. Defined with living zones, the spatial context of the room began to flow. That’s what the Figuras appreciate most: It’s a unified system now, customized for a unique space.

Photos by Mark Cafiero | Cafiero Photo

Accessories courtesy of LuLu’s | LuLu’s Furniture and Home Decor

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