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Case Study – Creating Lifestyle Zones for The Modern Loft Space
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CASE STUDY – WEST END LOFTS – DENVER, CO – LODO Personalize Something From Nothing Unite your loft with Lifestyle Zones — a hundred ways to access the thousand ways we access our lives. “urbandwellers designed the perfect concealed solution for our requirements — which hides it all, so I don’t have to see it,…

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Come visit us at booth #400 at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, CA
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Join us at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair and come visit us at booth #400 as we launch our new in a BÄKS™ personalizable wall-stack systems including our TV in a BÄKS™, FIRE in a BÄKS™, and our luxurious 80″ TV and FIRE in a BÄKS combo stack. The in a BÄKS line is a proprietary wall-stack…

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