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shīn™ collection

Imagine a juxtaposition of simple tranquility wrapped in modern design that delivers an experience as much tactile as it is visual, and you have the shīn (pronounced shine) collection. This is more than simple decorative illumination. These are pieces that can sit musingly in the corner or create a focal point for a room. Just like the city itself, these stunningly beautiful lightscapes and electric fireplaces come to life when day gives way to night.

the flicker of candlelight paying homage
to the fires from which metal is forged
as shadow chases light, steel plays with stone
in urbandwellers' line of lightscapes and luminaries

Paint your walls in a flickering glow and pattern as light radiates from the six candles in our floor-standing lightscapes or set a soft, tranquil mood with the diffused glow from our single-candle, tabletop luminaires.

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Amantii has more than three decades of experience to the electric fireplace and heating market. As a competitive and dynamic business and manufacturer of electric fireplaces, Amantii is able to offer an expanding product line of fireplaces to suit all of our customer’s needs. From contemporary, traditional and designer coloured fireplaces, to built-in or wall mount designs, or outdoor units, all of our new innovative electric fireplaces are manufactured in production facilities exclusive to Amantii, guaranteeing a unique brand and customer experience. Need a way to conceal your Amantii fireplace, check out our Fire in the BÄKS™ line of wall systems.

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