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Come visit us at booth #400 at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, CA

Come visit us at booth #400 at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, CA

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Join us at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair and come visit us at booth #400 as we launch our new in a BÄKS™ personalizable wall-stack systems including our TV in a BÄKS™, FIRE in a BÄKS™, and our luxurious 80″ TV and FIRE in a BÄKS combo stack.

The in a BÄKS line is a proprietary wall-stack system designed around the space and style needs of the urban lifestyle. It delivers premium, modern, affordable style with the ability for each customer to make it their own.

Each product line features a core, themed centerpiece in a variety of sizes. For TV in a BÄKS the centerpiece is the flat screen TV. For Fire in a BÄKS, the centerpiece is an electric fireplace insert. Building off these centerpiece units, customers are then able to create a perfect stack that meets the specifics of their lifestyle. Choices include such options as a hearth drawer module for storage, a shelf module for media components, even a charging station module with USB outlets.

The in a BÄKS is designed to perfectly work as a single piece or as mix-and-match stack and can be personalized for each customer by size, option and finish.

Finishes include a variety of brilliant, all-natural stains and bold, earth-friendly enamels that we selected to perfectly blend with the textures of urban life. Customers can choose whatever look best fits their space, even if that means adding an accent color on the inside of mods for extra style.

All in a BÄKS elements easily mount to the wall and keep any cords out of view and neatly managed to create a unique, clean, modern urban look.

Details regarding TV in a BÄKS can be found at here.



Now in its fourth year, WestEdge offers the best in modern design, all in an environment designed to engage, entertain and inspire. The fair offers the opportunity to shop from premium home furnishings brands-many new to the West Coast and meet the designers behind thousands of inspiring products. In addition, attendees gain insight from leading names in the design industry with a full series of educational programs and special events.

Home to internationally renowned museums, leading design schools, hundreds of manufacturing brands, and a prodigious number of leading architecture and design firms, we can’t think of a better place to celebrate progressive, contemporary design than in Southern California.

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