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Denver-based urbandwellers™ launches flagship showroom featuring urban-centric product designs

Denver-based urbandwellers™ launches flagship showroom featuring urban-centric product designs

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DENVER, Colorado (February 1, 2011) – urbandwellers™ co-founders Bruce Littlehorn and Larry Beard, Jr. have opened a flagship showroom in their downtown Denver loft to feature their unique line of home furnishings and accessories. The less than 1,000 sq. ft. showroom, located in the historic Water Tower Lofts in UNO (Union Station North), is designed to showcase the products functioning in their natural environment—a small, urban living space.

urbandwellers™ was established in 2009, with a vision very different from its competitors—to design and engineer smart, engaging, and high-quality products that meet the individual needs of city dwellers, and not the criterion for mass production.

Three main collections— hōm™, flō™, and shīn™—feature products that solve challenges in the urban environment, such as limited space, noise, storage and privacy. As functional art, these pieces, which range from custom wall systems to self-contained water features, balance aesthetic beauty with practical lifestyle application.

stōr™ (pronounced store), a product line in the hōm™ collection, is a series of customizable modules that reinvent the flow and functionality of an urban space. Modules include a streamlined office station, bookcase, pantry, armoire, hideaway bed, bar, gym, and seating area. A concealed litter box module caters to the urban pet owner, featuring a sanitary, hands-free sift and lift cleaning process.

Like modern-day Robinson Crusoes, Littlehorn and Beard use the natural materials and resources around them to adapt to their environment, minimizing waste through careful engineering. They take inspiration from the sleek lines and varied texture of concrete, brick, steel and glass often found in the urban setting. Each piece is approached with attention and intention, with materials determined by the integrity of the product and not the profit margin.

“We use a ‘requirements-based’ design process for every product we create,” says Littlehorn. “We evaluate the purpose, aesthetics, functionality, and areas of improvement for each piece, and use those requirements as a foundation for our design.”

As urban dwellers themselves, Littlehorn and Beard are acutely aware of the unique needs that stem from living in an urban space; they also understand that everyone interacts with their space differently. Using their professional backgrounds in design, industrial engineering and manufacturing, they continue to evaluate, understand, create and change products that will best support the urban lifestyle.

Detailed information about the collections, philosophy and creation of urbandwellers™ can be found on their newly launched website, www.urbandwellersonline.com.

Tours of the urbandwellers™ showroom are available by appointment and can be scheduled online or by calling urbandwellers™ at 303-536-5040. Located at 2960 Inca Street, Unit 214 in downtown Denver, the showroom is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

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