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Whether your customers are designing for their family residence, a commercial space, or simply looking for that one-of-a-kind unique piece — as a preferred dealer, you will have direct access to a broad range of aesthetics and styles represented by our various collections of water features, wall systems, storage systems, lighting and home accessories. urbandwellers is the perfect place to find those truly unique pieces that will grab attention regardless of your clients’ individual lifestyle, tastes and budgets.

urbandwellers™ is a company born out of lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle we share with others who, like ourselves, are consumers of the metropolitan existence, of converted lofts and penthouse living. The city is where we lay our heads at night and the place our hearts call home. We draw energy and inspiration from its concrete, brick, steel and glass. Without the city, urbandwellers simply wouldn’t exist.
From the materials we use to the care we put into hand-assembly, every aspect of our products are built around the expectations and lifestyles of the urbandweller. It is apparent in our liberal use of reclaimed and renewable resource materials. It is exhibited in accessories created with materials made using waste scraps from other manufacturing processes. It also manifests itself in the simplicity of our designs, which through careful engineering, allows us to create stunning pieces while maximizing material use and minimizing waste.
urbandwellers is based out of Denver, Colorado, which is where all our design and production takes place. We source materials and vendors locally first and U.S. second and then elsewhere only when absolutely necessary. Each piece is hand-built at time of order for that extra feeling of a truly unique piece.

“You can’t mass produce the urban lifestyle. A blend of lifestyle design and industrial engineering, all of our offerings are created with purpose, aesthetics and functionality in mind. They are then hand assembled to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship. This is how urbandwellers delivers an exclusive line of unique home furnishings crafted from the urban perspective.” – Larry Beard Jr., co-owner