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urbandwellers™ stun at the WestEdge Design Fair with the debut of their In a BÄKS™ system

urbandwellers™ stun at the WestEdge Design Fair with the debut of their In a BÄKS™ system

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urbandwellers™ stun at WestEdge ’16

urbandwellers stuns at the 2016 WestEdge Design Fair with the debut of their In a BÄKS modular wall system
Published: November 28, 2016 | Media Contact: Lu Stasko (720) 404 4507

DENVER, CO – It was all about the wow as people first caught a glimpse of urbandwellers’ In a BÄKS™ modular wall systems at the recent WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, California. On display were the first two product lines—TV in a BÄKS™ and Fire in a BÄKS™—that are part of what will be an extensive In a BÄKS™ modular, wall-stack system designed around the modern needs of those living the urban lifestyle where space is at a premium and style is about making a statement. With their In a BÄKS™ system, urbandwellers delivers practicality and style with a bang and does so at a great price point for good measure.

The TV in a BÄKS™ and Fire in a BÄKS™ stacks premiered at WestEdge garnered the interest of professional designers, commercial and lifestyle property developers, individual consumers and even a set director or two. Initial impressions quickly fueled ideas, driven by inspiration and possibility. Once they saw the products, it was apparent they were immediately thinking how they could apply them. This was even before they saw the functionality built into the form.

A bold impression reveals even more impressive design

“Peoples’ reactions when they saw our stuff for the first time was amazing,” recalls urbandwellers co-founder, Larry Beard. “Bruce and I created In a BÄKS to provide uniquely functional modern design that stands out in any space, and we definitely saw people at the WestEdge show responding to that.”

The In a BÄKS™ system is designed to allow each person to create their own perfect solution that perfectly fits the way they live and play. Each product line features a core, function-themed centerpiece in a variety of sizes. For TV in a BÄKS that centerpiece is the flat screen TV. For Fire in a BÄKS, it is an electric fireplace insert. Building off these focal-point units, customers are able to create a perfect stack that meets the specifics of their lifestyle. Choices include such options as a drawer module for storage, a shelf module for media components, even a charging station module with USB outlets built in. In a BÄKS is designed to work perfectly as a single piece or as mix-and-match stack and can be personalized for each customer by size, option and finish.

“You can’t mass produce the urban lifestyle,” emphasizes urbandwellers’ co-founder Bruce Littlehorn. “At urbandwellers, we’ve developed a templated system that keeps costs down yet still allows us to deliver superior, hand-made quality that is also eco-conscious.”

Modules are constructed using high-strength, light-weight, real wood panels that result in high-end pieces that are easy to install and just as easy to remove. They are designed to go with from one living space to the next. A variety of size options, features such as built-in cord management systems and the flexibility to combine modules in infinite ways are all further reflections of the urbandwellers design philosophy of meeting the unique challenges of today’s modern lifestyle.


We are urbandwellers and the city is our muse.

The first urbandwellers products were designed for our own personal spaces. Some came about from a necessity to maximize space without compromising style; others were simply inspired by the daily sights and sounds that surround us. With professional backgrounds in both design and industrial engineering, urbandwellers delivers an exclusive line of home furnishings crafted from the urban perspective.

Just as the nature of urban living stems from reclaiming and repurposing existing spaces, urbandwellers is committed to embracing this philosophy in all our collections. It is apparent in our liberal use of reclaimed and renewable resource materials. It is exhibited in accessories created with materials made using waste scraps from other manufacturing processes. It also manifests itself in the simplicity of our designs, which through careful engineering, allows us to create stunning pieces while maximizing material use and minimizing waste.

To urbandwellers, it is simply part of who we are.

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